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The Whale Foundation was established by Grand Canyon community members for Grand Canyon community members. Now more than ever, we need your voice, your input, and your vision to maintain that connection while we grow and adapt to serve an ever expanding family of guides. 

Please feel free to participate in what we do by sharing your ideas with us through this private email form. We’d like to hear about areas of care we may not yet be addressing, or share your thoughts on how we can reach more folks or serve them better. If we’re doing something right that you’d like to see more of, tell us about it. And if you’ve benefited from our services, consider sharing your story. If we could discreetly share it in some of our outreach, in this website or within a BQR article, what a benefit it could be to someone to feel like they’re not alone in facing similar challenges. 

Be assured, your identity will remain anonymous, even to the Whale Foundation, unless you choose to include your name in the form, in which case it would still be withheld from the public. And if you’d like to continue the conversation, you’ll have to include an email address as well.

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Banner Photo: Dawn Kish