Spread the Word

As a foundation, we rely on the support of those who care about the welfare of the guides we serve.  That's family, friends, outfitters, and the passengers we usher downstream. By sharing our story with both passengers and fellow guides, you'll be ensuring our assistance is there for everyone who may need it.  


We have this captive audience who is falling in love with Grand Canyon and the River and we as their guides are a huge part of that experience.  

We educate them on a myriad of topics, tell them stories, share our lives. They go home caring about the well being of the Grand Canyon, and they want to know how to stay involved and make a difference.  The Grand Canyon gets under their skin too.  Why not also get them involved in the organizations that support their river guides?
We are some of Grand Canyon’s biggest advocates, after all! 

Having a conversation with our guests while on the river about the Whale Foundation is a great way to spread this word.  Sometimes it’s lunch before ya know it!” 
— Billie P, lifetime guide