The Kenton Grua
Memorial Scholarship

Photo: Dawn Kish

Photo: Dawn Kish

Participating in your own future 

Guides by nature are lifetime learners.  The Whale Foundation wants to assist in those efforts.  Every year, in honor of Kenton Grua, scholarships are awarded for those enrolled in courses that contribute to furthering education, whether it be for a degree, certification or course.  The application process opens February 1st and closes May 15th.

Being awarded this scholarship not only helps financially, but it is also a source of encouragement and inspiration—knowing that a group of my peers has confidence in my aspirations and abilities, and that they too are invested in my academic success.
— 2016 KGMS Recipient Amy H.
“I love being a river guide. In fact, for a long time it was all I ever wanted. Once I got married and wanted to start having kids I knew I wanted more to offer my family. Going back to school was almost as intimidating as the bill that came with it. I am grateful for the support from the Kenton Grua Memorial Scholarship. It has helped fund my education and made the transition a bit easier!”
— Adam B., KGMS Award Winner

Banner Photo: Kyle George