Guides Supporting Guides

Photo: Kyle George

Photo: Kyle George

The Whale Foundation recognizes that guides are creative, strong and independent. At the same time, they are humble enough to know when they could use a bit of know-how from a seasoned vet.  For this, our Mentorship Program was created.  

Do you remember the first time you rigged a boat?  Or scouted Lava?  Or that first breakfast you had to make twenty-five omelettes to order?  None of these are easy to figure out without a little experience on hand.  The same holds true for life beyond the river.

If you're thinking about plotting a new course like going back to school, starting a business or you're simply going through something that feels unique to our career or lifestyle, we've assembled a group of active and former guides who can share their experience with you.  Just call the Helpline and one of our case managers can put you in touch with someone who has already been through it, too, and is happy to sit down and relate.  It's the best of what we can be to each other as a community. 

Banner Photo: Joe Bennion