The Whale Foundation, a 501(c)3 (EIN 86-0941775) was built by guides, and supported by a WHOLE community who value them and the work they do.  That continues today.  Passengers, friends, family, outfitters - most everyone who has spent time on the river and near the folks who make it accessible and a more colorful adventure by far have played a part in keeping our mission afloat.  Thank you!

Being in wilderness has shaped my life since I learned how to walk. Thirty years ago it helped me reclaim my life after a shattering experience.

It just isn’t right that some of the guides who have devoted themselves to helping the rest of us access and appreciate these wildly beautiful and powerfully healing places are themselves suffering, or missing out on opportunities to transition into whatever they want to do next.

— -Commercial River Passenger and WF Supporter
I give a little to the Whale Foundation every year to support the work they do. There are real challenges to this lifestyle. I recognize we’re all here to help each other get through this thing. It’s what we do for each other.
— Zach Chappell, guide
The folks on the river in Grand Canyon were my family for so long. They still are. It was an easy choice for me to remember the Whale Foundation in my Estate Planning. When I’m gone, my family will still be down there, and they’ll STILL need the support the Whale Foundation has offered for so many years.
— Bruce Simballa, lifelong guide

Banner Photo: John Blaustein